Armour Men’s Running Shoes Tommy Hilfiger Shoes Blue Grey Mod Gray Halo Gray Mod Gray



Synthetic sole

Lightweight and Breathable – To make these men’s running trainers breathable and lightweight, they feature a comfortable spacer mesh upper

Ultimate Comfort – With their textured synthetic heel, these athletic shoes offer all-day comfort, whether it is for sports or leisure activities

Optimal Cushioning – These gym runners incorporate a lightweight midsole for cushioning exactly where it is needed to reduce pressure and fatigue

Textures Outsole – As the outsole features a unique knobbed texture, these running shoes offer reliable traction, as well as to and from versatility

Material and Fit – UA Ripple 2, 0 NM1 sports shoes for men, breathable and lightweight men’s trainers, material: mesh, fit: men’s – varying

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